Here at Macworld we cover a lot of stories about iPhones, and on the odd occasion stories about Windows too. But rarely does Russell Brand get a look in.

However, today we've hit the jackpot with a story involving all three. The Daily Mirror reports that Brand was arrested in New Orelans yesterday for grabbing an iPhone out of the hands of a photographer and hurling it through a window.

Posting bail of $5,000 - around £3,200 - Essex's finest was released after being charged with criminal damage, which carries a fine of $700 (£450). Brand is currently in New Orleans filming.

Katy Perry's ex, who has enjoyed much success as a stand-up comic, showed that he hasn't lost his talent for tasteless humour by later tweeting: "Since Steve Jobs died I can’t bear to see an iPhone used irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory."

Stay classy, Russell. To be fair, he's had run-ins with paparazzi before, notably when one photographer allegedly tried to take a picture up Perry's skirt. The 37-year-old West Ham fan was arrested for his reaction to that incident.