Months after Apple was accused by the Swiss Railways (SBB) of using its famous clock without permission, the Russian railway company (RZD) has sued Apple for trademark infringement.

The specifics of the trademark infringement are not clear, but it appears that no clock faces are involved. Rather the accusation appears to refer to the RZD trademark and its use in the Apple Store. 

This breach may have to do with third-party apps in the App Store that use the Russian Railway’s logo without permission, suggests Techcrunch, referring to an app for a cargo tariff calculator.

RZD is suing Apple for 2 million rubles (£41k).

Apple eventually agreed to pay £13 million (20 million Swiss francs) to the Swiss railway company for permission to use the clock design for the iPad clock app.

In a similar case in 2009 Cartier sued Apple because of apps in the App Store that were using its logo without permission, Apple pulled those apps and the suit was withdrawn, notes TechCrunch.

Apple introduced the new clock design with iOS 6 for iPad in September, but it was met by complaints from the Swiss national rail operator SBB, who designed the clock in 1944 and has used it in train stations across Switzerland since then.

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