The vice president of architecture for Apple, Mike Culbert, died this weekend after losing his battle with cancer. 

A post made on Twitter by Les Vogel, a developer at Google, revealed that Culbert had passed away.

Culbert began working at Apple over 25 years ago, and is said to have contributed massively to numerous patents for many iPhone and iPad innovations. These include the iOS video screen rotation, power saving abilities and the ambient light sensor.

Culbert was also present during the days of the Newton, and is recognised as a veteran of Apple who made it possible for the company to revolutionise the mobile industry.

The Newton was a personal digital assistant developed by Apple, the development of which, started as early as 1987, and lasting until 1998. 

Newton devices were loaded with software designed to help users organize and manage themselves, including applications such as Notes, Names and Dates. Newton was later refined to add applications such as Works word processor as well as the Newton Internet Enabler.

Even though production of the Newton has since ceased, some of its technology has been reused in systems such as Mac OS X c10.2 (Jaguar) as well as Windows CE.

Les Vogel’s post on twitter read: “RIP Mike Culbert- One of the people who helped Steve Jobs save Apple.”

[Via TAUW]

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