Apple’s iPhone has become the most popular camera phone for use with Flickr, while the company’s market share for its Safari browser on Windows systems tripled last month.

Computerworld reports iPhone is one of the most popular for uploading pictures as well: Flickr’s own statistics reveals more members use the iPhone to upload photos than other devices.

Flickr's data has the iPhone surpassing the 5-megapixel, flash-equipped Nokia N95 in terms of percentage of users and that over the past year, the iPhone has steadily pulled ahead of the top Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones.

"The results are pretty impressive given that the iPhone isn't even a year old and the specs on the camera are considered by many to be underpowered," the blogger concludes. However, the site notes limitations with data on camera phones.

Meanwhile, Apple’s release of Safari 3.1 for Windows may have caused consternation due to the way Apple’s update system initially coerced Windows users into installing the upgrade, but the release has generated results. Apple’s marketshare for Windows tripled following the software’s release.

NetApplications data reveals the percentage of Safari for Windows users among its clients, which had never climbed above .07 per cent, grew three-fold, to .21 per cent.