The Samsung Galaxy SIII advert that mocked Apple fans was the most popular tech ad of 2012, according to video tracker Visible Measures.

Visible Measures says, on its website: "Samsung tops the list in 2012 with Galaxy S III, a satirical campaign mocking Apple and its fans. In fact, not only does Samsung nab the top spot on the list with 71 million views, which is 17 million views more than the runner up, it also grabs three other spots on the list, including number three, four, and eight."

The advert shows people waiting in line for the iPhone 5, and shows what Apple fans are saying: "I hear the phone jack is going to be on the bottom", "I hear the connectors all digital... what does that even mean", "this year we're finally getting everything that we didn't get last year".

The ad also stars a person using a Samsung SIII, but it turns out he's just holding a spot for his mum and dad. The insinuation being that Apple fans are pretty clueless, and elderly and that everything they're getting excited about, the Samsung phone does already. The ad had the tagline: "The Next Big Things Is Already Here"

In November, we reported that the Samsung S3 outsold the iPhone 5 in the third-quarter of 2012. Although the figures were slightly skewed as Apple did not have the iPhone 5 available for most of that period. It is clear, however, that there is real competiiton between Samsung and Apple for the hearts, minds, and wallets of customers. Samsung posted strong profits in October 2012.

Visible Measures said that the Galaxy SIII Advert, created by advertising agency 72andSunny Los Angeles, had a true reach of over 71 million views (71,762,339 to be precise).

Apple, on the other hand, didn't have a single advert in the most watched tech ads during 2012, although it's advert "Introducing the iPhone 4S" had the number on spot during 2011.

Apple can't be too churlish about the advert, as it had a long and succesful run mocking PC customers, called Mac Vs PC were tremendously succesful. Visible Measures tracked the advertising war between Apple and Microsoft back in 2008 and found Apple's ads garnered twice as many video placements on the web as Microsofts.

Visible Measures tracks video sharing sites, scanning each one daily to spot new videos and tally views for those posted earlier. One of its primary jobs for customers is to monitor the "viral" spread of advertising.

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