An Apple Store in Australia was the target of a mystery flashmob on Thursday, with protesters chanting “wake up”, the slogan emblazoned on the side of the black coach they arrived in. Reports suggest that Apple’s competitor, Samsung, could be behind the campaign.

Mumbrella reports that the Sydney Apple Store was targeted as part of an advertising campaign put together by Tongue, an Australian advertising company.

An Australian website shows the same “Wake Up.” slogan that was the focus of Thursday’s flashmob, as well as a countdown timer. It is believed that this timer is set to reach zero when the Samsung Galaxy S III is set to launch in Australia. The report claims that the URL is registered to New Dialogue, a company that was later rebranded as Tongue.

The Wake Up. Slogan has also appeared on Australian billboards, as well as on the bottom of Bondi Ice Bergs pool and during a news website takeover.

Samsung has revealed that its next flagship smartphone, expected to be called the Galaxy S III, will be powered by the 1.4GHz 4 Quad processor, and is set to launch on 3 May in London. The phone is also expected to have a 4.6in display with a 1280-by-720 pixel resolution, as well as an 8-megapixel camera and 4G LTE.

The Wake Up. flashmob is the second protest that Apple has been a target of this week. On Wednesday, Greenpeace covered Apple’s Regent Street Store windows with its own posters, in protest against Apple’s use of coal in its data centres.

A passer-by captured the Wake Up campaigners on film, as shown in the video below.