Jurors in the Samsung versus Apple trial are going to have a lot of homework before the case goes to court at the end of the month. 

In the latest twist in the Samsung versus Apple trial, Samsung has filed 700 pre-trial jury-screening questions over 40 pages. Apple on the other hand has filed just 49 over 6 pages. 

One report suggests that the question overload is Samsung's attempt at delaying the proceedings, something the company has been accused of in the past. 

Samsung's questions include asking whether the jurors own Apple products, probably in the hope that those potential jurors (likely in a majority) are omitted from the trial. 

Another question is: “Do you think many Asian companies steal what others have created and sell products based on copied innovation?” 

Apple asks potential jurors about their impressions from the media coverage generated so far. It also asks for their views on the US patent system. 

Apple also asks if jurors have ever had an idea stolen, or been accused of stealing an idea. 

Electronista notes that none of the questions asked are about technical ability, other than a query on mobile system and device preference.

It seems likely that Judge Lucy Koh will order that the companies, especially Samsung, narrow down their questioning. 

A UK judge recently ruled that Samsung tablets do not infringe on a registered Apple design because "they are not as cool" and the Galaxy Tablets. The Samsung products in question are: the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 7.7.

While in the US an injunction barring the sale of the Galaxy Nexus handset because it contained technology that infringed on patents owned by Apple was suspended by a federal appeals court, pending a response from Apple.


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