Samsung has revealed a new print ad that knocks Apple’s iPhone 5 in a side by side comparison between the new iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy SIII.

The advert lists the features of the tech rivals’ newest smartphones side-by-side, with the tagline “It doesn’t take a genius,” taking aim at Apple's Genius Bar staff too.

The list of features for the iPhone 5 is significantly shorter than the Galaxy SIII list, and includes a comparison between the battery life, RAM, screen resolution and more, all of which Samsung comes out on top.

Samsung even describes Apple’s new Lightning dock connector as “A totally different plug,” hinting that Apple’s design choice could cause problems for some users.

However, Samsung has failed to mention many of the iOS 6 features that will be included with Apple’s iPhone 5, as well as the A6 chip, iCloud, front facing camera, Panorama feature, huge number of compatible apps, FaceTime, AirPlay, Game Center, iMessage and more.

Apple fans have noticed the omission of important features, and have fought back with their own versions of Samsung’s Ad, as shown below.

Twitter user Josh Cohen came up with the following:


And this one is from Tim Sears:


This isn’t the first time Samsung has taken aim at Apple in its advertising campaigns. Last year, Samsung mocked iPhone users in its TV ad.

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