A new advert for Samsung's Galaxy S II smartphone that pokes fun at Apple, the iPhone and iPhone users has caused an online storm.

The ad, called 'Next Big Thing', focuses on queues outside Apple stores before the launch of the iPhone 4S and the people in them.

The people in the ad are portrayed as brand-obsessed Apple 'fanboys' who see people outside the queue using the Samsung Galaxy S II. The merits of the Samsung Galaxy S II - the large screen and 4G connectivity in particular - are discussed by dismissed by those in the queue.

"I could never get a Samsung. I'm creative," one man in the queue says.

"Dude, you're a barista," says the man next to him.

Todd Pendleton, Samsung's Chief Marketing Officer, and Brian Wallace, Samsung's VP of Strategic Marketing, told Business Insider that the company wasn't targeting iPhone owners in the ad.

"We're not targeting fanboys. We're not going to convert them. We're using them as a foil to target current Android users upgrading to a new phone and people entering the smartphone market for the first time," said Wallace.

The pair denied that they were alienating iPhone owners, though. "I think this is done with a wink and a smile. Just from initial reactions, even Apple owners and lovers are talking about this in a positive way. We're seeing positive quotes from people out there who may no be willing to buy our product," said Pendleton.

Reactions to the video have varied wildly, with some amused, others bemused, and some clearly furious.

"Pity their campaign relies on bashing the phone they so blatantly copied," one viewer wrote on YouTube.

"Amusing... But kinda desperate... To many iPhone allusions," wrote another.

The barista references seems to have offended others. "So, like, a barista can't be creative? Who says that? Samsung? The ones that copy everything Apple?"

You've got to hand it to Samsung - if it wanted to get people talking then it has most certainly succeeded.

However, anyone complaining about Samsung promoting its product by demeaning a rival's should perhaps be reminded of the Get a Mac adverts.

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