Samsung mobile devices now represent a larger proportion of global web usage than Apple's iPhone, according to the latest Internet Wars report from StatCounter.

Oddly enough Apple only reached the top spot recently. We're used to Apple and Samsung jousting for smartphone supremacy here in the UK, but on a global scale budget and feature phones remain popular.

Just 12 months ago, Nokia devices saw the most web traffic, and Apple only passed it for the lead in January 2013. The most recent month analysed, June 2013, saw Samsung take top spot for the first time. Nokia lost traffic share quite steeply around the new year, and is now at third spot. BlackBerry - named as RIM in the report - has seen little improvement despite a recent advertising blitz.

Mobile device traffic share

Breaking the figures down to the national level, however, Apple retains a huge lead in the US, where its 50.5 percent share in July 2012 has increased to 54.8 percent. Samsung is placed second, but has a share of only 18.3 percent (although it is catching up slowly - it had only 12.7 percent last year).

Apple is also dominant here in the UK, with a market share of 48 percent, up from 43 percent last year.

Apple vs Samsung

Samsung vs Apple: mobile traffic share

In the endless round of 'Apple is doomed' articles, this is sure to lead to a new round of headlines, and Samsung will be pleased with its progress as a global brand. But the US remains the most important market, and Samsung shows little sign of storming Apple's stronghold.

What's more, Samsung's strength on sheer volume is something we already know about. Samsung gets the high volume but lower margin, while Apple makes more money on a smaller number of higher-margin devices (and users more prone to spend cash on apps).