The latest SMS scam targets mobile phone users around the world, urging them to claim their free Apple product.

Net Security reports that many mobile phone users have received the SMS informing them that Apple have made them a winner, and directing them to a website where they’re instructed to enter the code in the text message to get a free Apple product.

The user is directed to a webpage that informs them that there are three types of Apple products available to be won, the products being either a MacBook Air, iPhone 4S or an iPad, and that warns that there are a mere 15 left of the original 1000 prizes to be secured.

Subsequently, upon selection of the most desired prize, a simple question is presented to the user for them to answer. Though this seems an amazing opportunity, the small print says other wise, informing the user that by entering a phone number they are actually subscribing to an SMS, that costs £3.00 per question played and a £4.50 sign up fee, not only this but an additional £1.50 charge for a message reminder tomorrow.

This is not the first time that text scammers have used this technique and for sure will not be the last, so look out for hoax text messages that may reach you in the forthcoming weeks.