Following a similar incident earlier this week, a man in China has allegedly been electrocuted by an iPhone while it was on charge. 

The Beijing Evening News has reported that Wu Jiantong, a 30-year-old Chinese man, has been comatose for over ten days after being "suddenly shocked" while plugging in his iPhone 4.

It is believed that the iPhone was connected to a third-party charger, which may have been the cause of the shock. It has been suggested that a non-Apple iPhone charger may have also been involved in the case earlier this week, when a Chinese woman died after answering a call on your charging iPhone 5.

According to the report, the Wu's sister has said that she heard her brother shouting "I'm being shocked," before collapsing. Without thinking, she rushed to unplug the iPhone but "felt needle-like pains" in her fingertips.

While Apple has yet to release a statement regarding this new report, the company did comment on the previous incident, stating that it is "deeply saddened" and that it will "fully investigate" the matter.

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