Apple may have developed a contentious relationship with some major music labels, but games publishers are thrilled with the company.

Sega of America CEO Simon Jeffery told MCV UK that his firm was excited at its relationship with Apple to offer iPod games through iTunes. Jeffery praised Apple's "flawless" distribution network and payment systems.

"The iPod is arguably the most pervasive cross-demographic piece of consumer electronics today,” said Jeffery. “There are no age or fashion barriers to iPod adoption, and making Sonic available to tens of millions of iPod owners really is a fantastic opportunity for us."

Sega currently offers Sonic The Hedgehog for iPod users, and while the company boss was tight-lipped on any future game release plans for the platform, his positive comment bodes well for more links between the companies in future.

“They have to be one of the smartest companies in the world. Being able to buy a game and have it on your iPod with a couple of clicks is just brilliant," he said.