Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently signed up to the Pinterest rival, Fancy, and has 'Fancy'd' seven things on his account so far. 

Cook signed up to the social networking service in July, and his account has been verified by Fancy just as Twitter verifies its famous users' accounts. Cook already has 124759 followers on the site.

Since then, Cook has added just seven things to his account, offering a small insight into the Apple boss's mind. 

The first is a P5 Trialthon Bicycle by Carvelo. Also in within the sports theme is the Nike LunarTR1+ trainers. Cook serves on the board of directors of Nike.

Also 'fancy'd' by Cook on his Fancy account is the Amsterdam Apple Store, which comes as no surprise to us. 

He has also added a modern home with a pool, a photograph of the Taimu Mountain in Fujian, China, and a photograph of the Havasu Falls in Arizona.

The seventh item is the Individual Fuchsia Panerai wristwatch by Blaken.

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