Shazam has announced a new suite of integrated services that should help music fans find fresh sounds they enjoy that they may otherwise never come across.

The suite combines five applications to boost music discovery, sales and communities. They include the company's world class mobile music recognition service, one of the world's largest music search engines, and an advanced music discovery mechanism called Music Explorer that links similarities based on the real mobile audio 'tagging' activities of over six million users.

"Music Explorer delivers a unique association as it originates from mobile music recognition activity, which is typically paid for by consumers and represents a strong level of interest in the particular song or artist," observed Shazam brand marketing director Stuart Andrews.

The way it works means a user can hear a track they like, tag it with their mobile phone, and learn not just the identity of the song that sparked interest in the first place, but also a selection of other tracks that they may also like.

Users who register for the service can then access their own special pages on the Shazam website, where links to buy the track (from Amazon and iTunes) are hosted, along with links to other users who have similar tastes, and tracks they may like as well.