Siri, Apple's voice assistant which made its debut on the iPhone 4S last year, is finally set to appear on the iPad, according to reports. Analysts predict that iOS 6, set to launch at WWDC 2012 - which starts on 11 June - will feature iPad Siri support.

9to5Mac has produced a mockup (reproduced below) of how it believes Siri for iPad will look on the tablet's larger screen.

Siri has been around for almost eight months, and there has been continual speculation about when it would appear on iPad. Even the launch of the iPad 3 (or new iPad, or third-gen iPad) didn't see the service cross over to the tablet. The main complication lies in the fact that iPad users hold the devices further from their faces (a fact which incidentally allowed Apple to refer to a lower pixel density as 'Retina' quality when designing the iPad's screen) and consequently it's harder for the iPad's microphone to pick up spoken commands.

9to5Mac observes that "some speculators of Siri for iPad have believed that the device’s microphone would be unable to properly hear, and therefore incorrectly interpret, command inputs. Sources, however... say that commands input with same or similar accuracy to the iPhone 4S. iPad voice dictation appears to work well for third-generation iPad users."

Siri for iPad mock up

Mockup of how Siri could look on the iPad's larger screen

As for the new offering's operation, reports suggest that Siri will slide up from the bottom of the screen when called upon, and occcupy a window within the screen, in contrast to the fullscreen experience on iPhone 4S.

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