Siri's losing time, Samsung's losing the tablet race, and one law enforcement agency can't lose its current smartphones fast enough.

Siri thinks Daylight Saving Time starts 4 days early (TUAW)

Apparently, the iPhone 4S's virtual assistant reports that daylight savings time starts on March 7 when it doesn't actually begin until March 11. Apparently Siri confused daylight savings time with April Fools' Day. Again.

Samsung: 'We're not doing very well in the tablet market' (CNet)

I know it's early in 2012, but I think we've got a candidate for Understatement of the Year.

Here's Why Andrew Stanton Dedicated 'John Carter' To Steve Jobs (Slashfilm)

The forthcoming blockbuster John Carter, directed by Pixar's Andrew Stanton, is dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs. Who once saved Mars from catastrophic destruction at the hands of evil.

More feds ditch BlackBerrys (Politco)

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is planning to trade in its agents' BlackBerries for iPhones, in a process that should be complete in about a year. Hopefully they'll be able to carry them in sweet shoulder holsters, like those ones on Mathnet.

Apple Now Selling Brazilian-Made iPhone 4, But Pricing Remains High (MacRumors)

The iPhone 4s being built in Foxconn's Brazilian factories are now on sale to inhabitants of the country, though--as MacRumors points out--the prices for the handsets are still much higher than elsewhere in the world. Of course there's no Apple Store in Brazil yet, but only because they can't figure out how sell iPhones by slicing them off giant skewers.

Washed Out - 'Black Cab Sessions' video (NME)

If you've ever wondered what it would look and sound like for a musician to play one of his songs on an iPad while being driven around in a black cab--and I know I have--wonder no longer. I don't know, all I could think while watching this is that this guy needs to put his seatbelt on.