Siri might not always be able to find the answer to what we are looking for but he (and in the UK Siri is definitely a he) makes a pretty good cup of tea.

The man behind the voice of Siri in the UK is one of a group of voiceover artists that star in a video shot in the BBC Radio 2 kitchen. 

Impressionist Lewis MacLeod asks his iPhone: "Where is Julie Berry". Siri voiceover artist John Briggs replies: "Searching for Julie Berry…" before looking around the room and failing to find her before replying: "Sorry, I cannot locate Julie Berry". (Julie Berry is the voice of the Piccadilly Line).

Briggs is also the voice of The Weakest Link.

The video was made when the voice over artists appeared in the Jeremy Vine show. A Macworld reader sent us this link to the video on YouTube.


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