Apple CEO Tim Cook has replied to a customer's email enquiry about the lack of Italian language support for Siri.

Melablog reports that Cook's brief response to the message expressed his love for Italy and promised Siri support before the year was out.

The email was sent from Apple's servers and was sent to 'Michele', who had asked why Siri had not been launched in Italian and why Italy was no longer among the 'firstday' group of countries to see new Apple products (the new iPad, for example, will hit the UK, Canada, the US, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and Hong Kong on 16 March but won't arrive in Italy for another week).

Cook's reply, while avoiding the question about Italy's status among Apple's target markets, reads:


I love Italy.

We will support Italian in SIRI this year.


Siri support for Japanese was introduced in iOS 5.1, launched last week.