Skobbler has revealed its free satnav app for Apple iPhones is to be discontinued and replaced with a new paid-for app.

Skobbler Lite, which was first made available in June last year, offers visual and audio navigation in conjunction with OpenStreetMap (OSM), a Wikipedia of free maps, that currently has some 250,000 users creating and updating existing maps. It was ad-supported while a premium version was also available for £1.49, which didn't feature adverts.

The company also encouraged users to make corrections and update the maps, to make "outdated and poorly detailed maps a thing of the past".

However, now Skobbler plans to replace both version of the app with Navigation 2, which has been improved thanks to customer and industry feedback. The main issued identified with sat nav apps was the problems cause when a data connection was lost. As a result, Navigation 2 allows users to choose which maps should be stored on a smartphone, enabling navigation offline as well as online.

Skobbler revealed existing users of the paid-for Skobbler satnav app will be automatically upgraded to Navigation 2, when it is launched next month.

Furthermore, it is extending the offer Skobbler Lite customers. The firm is urging those already using or new to the free sat nav app to download the premium version of the app for no cost. Then in October they will benefit from the same upgrade to Navigation 2.

"We would like to thank all of our customers for their valued support to our constantly evolving app and to the brilliant OpenStreetMap project – together they are helping us to create the future of sat nav," says Marcus Thielking, co-founder of skobbler.

"We hope our invitation to upgrade to skobbler premium navigation for free in preparation for our Navigation 2 app launch will be warmly received. The new app will provide our customers with a radically improved experience in almost every way, from exciting visuals to a series of sought-after features – including the choice between online and offline navigation, which has been our customers' top requirement."

Skobbler also offers a free sat nav app for Google Android users. However, the firm revealed the Android version will not be affected and will remain free.