Hungry? No food in the house? Well, you could go to the supermarket but the Manchester derby is just about to kick off and you don't want to miss it.

What a dilemma. Fortunately, Sky has partnered with Sainsburys to create a solution for this and other similar sport/shopping conundrums - iPad docks built into shopping trolleys.

In the Cromwell Road, west London branch of Sainsburys, these special trolleys are being trialled right now. You'll need to be a Sky subscriber, and you'll need an iPad as well, but if you have the correct kit you can simply slot your tablet into the trolley and take advantage of Sky Sports and News channels while you browse the aisles.

There's another slight catch, though - you'll need to have a 3G and Wi-Fi version of the iPad, as Sainsburys isn't currently providing free Wi-Fi. However, if the trial is successful you could find these trolleys cropping up in more branches of Sainsburys around the country.

We're not sure that it's such a good idea - we can only imagine the congestion it'll cause around the check-outs with a group of transfixed footie fans clogging up the aisles as they watch Owen Hargreaves being stretchered off with yet another career-ending injury.

(Sorry Owen.)