Skype has made available Skype 5.0 for Mac in beta. The updates promises a revitalised look and feel that simplifies navigation and provides a more native Mac experience claims Skype.

The Mac 5.0 beta includes:

· Group Video Calling. which allows users to participate in video calls with more than two people at a time as long as all participants are using the new Mac beta or Skype for Windows 5.0.
· A new call control bar. Hang up; mute and more from a mini Skype toolbar that sits on top of any web pages, documents or photos users have open.
· Offline IM. So users can send and receive instant messages even if the recipient is offline.
· Floating Contacts Monitor. To see online contacts and contact groups.

More information on the new beta release is available on the Skype blog.

To celebrate the release of Skype 5.0 for Mac in beta, Skype is giving one winner a $1,500 gift certificate to the Apple store.  Details can be found here.