WeFi and tawkon have combined forces to create a new app that can automatically transfer a mobile call to Wi-Fi when it detects that handset radiation levels have exceed certain thresholds.

Due to become available from the third quarter of 2011, the tawkon app is primarily designed to monitor and alert users when handset radiation levels reach certain levels, such as might happen when indoors, or far from a base station.

The innovation is that this has now been integrated with WeFis hotspot-finding community system, which makes it possible to connect the users call via a local Wi-Fi points at the moment the radiation threshold has been exceeded.

Wi-Fi uses radio signals as well, but at much lower energy levels than mobile phones. The level of safe exposure to cell radiation is open to debate but is governed by legal Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) limits in the US and EU.

Platforms supported by tawkon now or in the near future include the Android (beta), BlackBerry, Symbian, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Palm, but only for profiled handsets which have been tested against the apps radiation-calculation algorithms.

This means that while not all smartphones are supported the app will still work with a wide range of models including all of the current Motorola, HTC and Samsung units. The iPhone app has yet to be approved by Apple and tawkon is asking users to lobby for its inclusion in the App Store.

We were thrilled to confirm that Wi-Fi significantly lowers cellphone radiation emission, and to partner with WeFi to help our users not only see cellphone radiation, but automatically minimise their exposure without doing a thing, said tawkons co-founder and CEO, Gil Friedlander.

Exactly how automatic call transfer from 2G and 3G to Wi-Fi is handled and whether all networks will be compatible will be explained at next weeks Mobile World Congress where the app will be demonstrated.