Sony has its own plan to regain some leadership in the personal media marketplace - video downloads.

A Wall Street Journal report indicates the company plans to coalesce a strategy for its products around video downloads.

This strategy would see the company introduce online video sales and support for the PlayStation 3, PSPs and through its new range of digital Walkman media players. The company's Bravia range of high-definition televisions would also form an essential part of the company's bid.

The move may emerge as strong competition for Apple, as Sony also owns its own catalogue of music, film and television shows through its various entertainment arms.

Sony's plan would involve the creation of an iTunes-like service for film and video, though the company has declined to comment on the report.

The market for online video is expected to reach a $7 billion value by 2010.

Sony last week introduced a digital Walkman that's capable of playing AAC music files (the same format as Apple uses as default in iTunes – but not the protected AAC format sold in the iTunes Store). Sony also confirmed plans to shut down its Connect music store.