Sony has announced four micro hi-fi players under the name Sony CMT-G Series that offer a combination of Wi-Fi streaming, DAB digital radio and MP3 player capabilities. Sony claims the G Series Hi-Fi systems' speakers "are micro but the sound packs a punch".

Sony says the 30 Watt speakers are designed to handle the high power output of an amp and "deliver a natural acoustic balance". The Sony CMT-G2BNiP micro hi-fi unit is Wi-Fi enabled and can stream music over a home network or tune in to internet radio stations. It has a DAB and DAB+ radio tuner as well as FM/MW and is controllable via an app on an iPod touch or iPhone. There's no iPod dock on the top. Instead, there's a USB connection that can be used to hook it up to any MP3 player, including. of couse, a Sony Walkman MP3 player

These amazing Hi-Fi systems may be small in size but they aren’t in volume.  The sound is pure and delivers a natural acoustic balance which lets you hear every detail of the music and fully appreciate your favourite tracks.  These Hi-Fi systems are just as capable at playing music over a  Wi-Fi connection as playing it from your iPod or MP3 player.  As well as being able to play from a USB memory stick and DAB radio.

There are 4 new Hi-Fi systems in the Sony G-series with the main difference between them being the different inputs they can utilise.  The top of the range model can use a Wi-Fi connection to play music and as you move down the range to cheaper models less features are available but the sound quality is very similar.