Twelve million LiveJournal bloggers can now update their sites by speaking into their phone.

LiveJournal owner Six Apart has reached a deal with voice-to-screen messaging developer, SpinVox, which enables the new feature.

The deal enables all Six Apart LiveJournal bloggers to post directly from any phone to their journals. SpinVox converts the blogger’s voice message to text and posts it to their LiveJournal.

“Speaking is the easiest and most natural way to convey great ideas, thoughts or moments.” said Christina Domecq, co-founder and CEO, SpinVox. “Sharing is also a natural impulse. By connecting the two simply and directly, we’re enabling people to share their life experiences in the most natural way.  The voice-powered blogosphere is now available from any phone, anywhere.”  

Mena Trott, co-founder and president of Six Apart, explains: “By dialling a number, our customers can connect with millions of bloggers and communities with postings that are immediate and that capture the essence of the moment.”