Swedish music streaming service Spotify is hoping to rival Apple by giving all of its users the ability to manage the tracks stored on their iPods, iPhones and Google Android handsets.

Spotify users that connect an iPod classic, iPod nano or iPod shuffle to their PC, will find it appears in the new 'devices' section in the Spotify sidebar. From here, users can sync tracks and playlists stored on their PC with their device.

Meanwhile, iPhone and Android users can download a free app that gives them the same functionality using the smartphone's Wi-Fi connection.

The music-streaming service also unveiled its own download service. Web users can purchase 'bundles' of tracks from as little as 50p each. Until now, Spotify users could only buy certain tracks by clicking a link that navigated to 7Digital.

In a blog, Spotify said its users had revealed they listen to a huge amount of music on their iPods, "and that getting your Spotify playlists onto them as MP3s has been a serious hassle, forcing you to juggle multiple music players".

"Now everyone can own their favourite Spotify playlists to take wherever they want. Heading out for a run or off on a trip? Buying the songs you want to hear has never been quicker, easier or more affordable," said Spotify CEO Daniel Ek.

Both features will be available to all Spotify users, including those that use its ad-support 'free' or 'open' service. This could potentially ease the pain for these users, who saw their listening time halved this month.