Squarespace, a popular premium blogging platform, launched its new iPad app on Tuesday, offering users the ability to do complex editing and site-management tasks from Apple's tablet.

Squarespace for iPad allows Squarespace users to create and edit blog posts in multiple text modes, including rich text, Markdown, Textile, and raw HTML. The iPad app's editing features expand on the company's iPhone version in a few ways, such as allowing you to add links to selected words or phrases in text mode. Check out the demo video below to see Squarespace for iPad in action.

You can also manage multiple sites, save drafts, preview updates, manage comments, and access site statistics. In its announcement blog post, Squarespace is particularly fond of the app's interface, which lets you tap on a post and see all of your editing options—along with tags, categories, excerpts, comment counts, and the post's author—without losing a view of the post itself.

Squarespace for iPad is free, though using it requires a paid Squarespace account which start at $13 per month or $12 if you prepay for a year. You'll need an iPad running iOS 3.2 or later.

via MacStories