Apple CEO Steve Jobs is very interested in finding a way toward pervasive WiFi access, and recently met with a service operator which attempts to enable these.

Argentinian entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky runs a new service called FON. This service lets consumer users share their wireless hotspots with other users in exchange for free WIFi access elsewhere.

Varsavsky met with Jobs to discuss the service, which works by splitting a WiFi signal in two, one for sharing with other FON users, the other for a user's own (secured) broadband access.

FON is backed by one of Apple's first seed investors, the Sequoia Capital group. The service has become one of the world's largest WiFi communities - hence the Apple meeting.

Discussing Jobs, Varsavsky reveals: "He was very interested in FON; the meeting went on for an hour and a half.

"He's extremely curious. He asks a lot of questions. He's not the nicest guy - I mean his questions are inquisitive to say the least. He's to the point," he added.

The meeting went well, the FON boss said, observing: "I really think Jobs liked the idea of FON. I think he loves the idea of a world where people share WiFi. That I could tell. think he would like for there to be an opportunity for everyone to share WiFi."

Varsavsky's video report on his meeting with Steve Jobs is available here.