Time Magazine is running its annual vote to identify the two most influential people of the year, with Apple CEO Steve Jobs and the company's chief designer, Jonathan Ive, making the short list.

Time Magazine runs the public vote every year, offering voters a shortlist of 200 candidates to choose between and offering a short profile of each of the candidates.

The profile for Jobs reveals the computer company co-founder to have appeared on the Time front cover five times.

He wins praise for running "the most innovative consumer electronics company in the world", but gets criticised for small Mac market share and the ongoing stock options backdating crisis at the company he leads.

On Jonathan Ive (full job title, senior vice president of industrial design at Apple), it praises him for his design achievements as evinced by the iMac, iPod and soon-to-ship, iPhone. Ive's private nature is, however, seen as a flaw – it lets Jobs steal Ive's design thunder, Time implies.

Ive has made a significant impression on industrial design on a global basis, winning significant design awards and a CBE, so it's no surprise that his average rating of importance as voted on by readers now stands at 89/100.

Ive now holds seventh place on the list, behind Bono and JK Rowling. Jobs is just behing in tenth place, just under Angelina Jollie and above Warren Buffett.