If you haven't already read the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson - either as a hefty hardback book or an ebook - you may be interested to learn that the paperback version will be out this September.

This seems to have been quite a delay between hardback and paperback versions. The reason for the delay is unclear.

One thing is immediately apparent though, the photograph on the front of the book shows a much younger Steve Jobs, though in the same thumb-on-chin pose as before. The photograph was taken by Norman Seeff in 1984 according to AllThingsD's report.

We wonder if the choice of picture, addressing Jobs as a young man is designed to appeal to a different age group of reader.

With the first of two Steve Jobs movies due out in the next few months, we expect that the co-founder of Apple's story will be opened up to a whole new audience.

Unfortunately, having read the book, we're not sure that the young Steve Jobs is such an aspirational character.

Just how well do you know Steve Jobs? Try your hand at our quiz here

The book will be out on 10 September.

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