Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ wife has reportedly purchased a home in Sun Valley and will be attending the Allen & Co. annual retreat in the area, the same conference that Tim Cook was spotted at this week.

The New York Post reports that Laurene Powell Jobs has bought the $4 million house situated next to a river in Idaho within the past few days. She is believed to be worth around $9 billion, according to Forbes, making her the richest woman in Silicon Valley.

Powell Jobs’ Sun Valley house, says The Post, is a “small double A-frame home,” with three bedrooms, three fireplaces and two and a half bathrooms. Last week, it was reported that the home Steve Jobs shared with his wife and three children is being renovated, suggesting that Powell Jobs and the kids have moved out.

On Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a surprise appearance at the Allen & Co. event, which brings together some of the most powerful names in media and technology for one week of July every year. Steve Jobs attended the event during the career, but hadn’t done so in several years.

Cook’s attendance led to speculation that Apple could be aiming to strike entertainment deals for its rumoured Apple ‘iTV’ HD television during the conference.

The home Apple’s late CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs shared with his wife and three children by that marriage is currently being renovated.

There’s another Steve Jobs property that has been in need of alterations for some time, the Jackling house in Woodside was demolished on Jobs' orders back in February 2011, but as yet nothing has been built on the site. 


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