The yacht built for Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs has been impounded due to a dispute over unpaid bills. 

Apparently the Jobs estate owes designer Phillippe Stark €3 million ($3.6 million/£2.45 million) in design fees. 

According to, baliffs boarded the yacht last Wednesday with an Amsterdam court order. The yacht is now chained to the dock. 

Stark claims that should be paid 6% of the cost price of the boat. He says that the boat cost €150 million (£122), while Jobs family is disputing that, saying it cost €45 million less at €105 million (£85). 

The yacht, which was described in Walter Isaacson's biography of Apple's late co-founder, is christened 'Venus,' after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, and is reportedly made with lightweight aluminium and is up to 80 metres long.


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