Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has revealed his IT predictions for the year 2013.

In a guest post at Forbes, Wozniak, who is now chief scientist for Fusion-io, forecasted that 2013 will see BYOD (bring your own device) continue to become more popular, innovative new technology such as advanced voice control and flexible displays, and more.

Wozniak first predicts that "businesses will look to use collaboration solutions that "just work" for every possible need" as technological advancements make it even more efficient to be mobile.

He also thinks that data centres will be to 2013 what the cloud was for 2012. "The rapid transition from hard disk to NAND flash memories in the data center is drastically improving performance, reliability and the ability to distribute everything through virtual machines – which will lead to the de-centralization of cloud services," Wozniak writes. "Enterprises with different offices in multiple cities will run the same cloud services out of each office and have the cloud services talk to each other to ensure synchronization – improving overall efficiency."


Wozniak believes that consumer technologies that are thought to be years in the making are going to enter the workplace sooner than expected. "Voice control will go from only controlling devices six inches from your face to controlling devices across the room," he writes. See: Apple product rumours for 2013

"Eventually, maybe not within 2013, flexible displays will become less expensive, installed everywhere and anywhere, and change the way we interact with mobile devices and share experiences," Wozniak forecasts. "I honestly believe mobile devices will increasingly become our remote controls to the world. We’ll carry our software on our mobile devices, but display it on these communal screens – including those installed in conference rooms. Device manufacturers will continue to develop mobile devices with various screen sizes, but software will also be designed to display on any size."

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BYOD will continue to become more popular within businesses, but Wozniak speculates that employers will still want to provide their staff with mobile devices. He thinks that employees will begin to personalise their company devices like they do with their personal ones in 2013.

Wozniak's final prediction is that "collaboration will transcend platforms".

"It will be increasingly important for any given collaboration package or other app to run on a multitude of platforms – not just one. Taking the easy way out and developing for just one platform will not be acceptable," he writes.

Overall, Wozniak believes that 2013 will be "the year of choice."

"Whether it’s your phone or the company’s, working from your office or the coffee shop, one option isn’t going to cut it anymore and the companies who can anticipate the next way to use technology smartly and effectively are the ones that will rise to the top this year," he concludes.

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