Australian educational learning platform developer, Etech, continues on its mission to support multiple portable devices using its Studywiz system, extending its recently-revealed support for the iPhone with similar support for the iPod touch.

The company has updated its learning platform for the iPod touch, as well as the iPhone support revealed last week. The company says it has applied these updates in recognition that today's students are tech-savvy and hungry for technology.

The intention is that by integrating support for Studywiz into mobile devices, anytime anywhere learning can be a reality for students, boosting learning and communication between classes and teacher/student relationships.

Students, parents and teachers can log onto the Studywiz browser and access a range of interactive and media rich content. Students can submit assignments, for example.

Mike Damiano from Etech Group said: "We need to keep looking towards the future. We are constantly investing in Studywiz to ensure that it can be delivered through any device that students and teachers might use, whether that be the iPod Touch today or another mobile device tomorrow.”