Users of the SugarSync app for iPhone and iPad could already sync photos to and stream music from their desktop computers. But the latest update to the the Dropbox-style app takes a step beyond mere syncing, allowing users to remotely organize, move, and delete computer files.

Version 2.2 of SugarSync’s iOS app launched Monday in the App Store. In addition to the new remote organizing tools, updated features include the ability to use the mobile device to remotely e-mail a file stored in the SugarSync directory on your Mac.

Bulk organization will also be easier, as users can now select and share multiple items at once.

SugarSync users who stream music from their computer to their iOS device will now be able to do so even when the app is in the background; developers have also reduced the app's font size to allow users to view more information in a single glance.

The SugarSync app is compatible with devices running iOS 3.0 or later and can be downloaded for free, although using the service costs a minimum $5 a month for 30GB of storage.