The developers at Rixstep have released a powerful bundle of Mac OS X file management software applications specifically for system and network administrators in the academic sector.

ACP-Academic is a discounted bundle that contains Xfile and fifteen closely integrated file management utilities. The collection costs just $34.95, but is available only to users who can prove their education connection.

Xfile is the only file manager for OS X that's capable of seamlessly handling all file systems - fdesc, HFS+, HFS+ case-sensitive, UFS, volfs and ZFS. It's also able to detail all file information available on Mac OS X, and offers full editing capabilities for them.

Xfile manages all elements of a file's data, including user and group IDs, device numbers, memory blocks used - absolutely all system level information. None of this is available using the Finder or any other file browser.

Additional included utilities allow manipulation of two Unix and five HFS time stamps; batch and recursive mode and time stamping; an analysis tool; complete access to 'legacy MacOS' filesystem data; and more.

The bundle also includes file system scanner Xscan for quickly locating items in the file systems and for conducting system security audits. Xscan can scan an entire OS X computer, listing all files in eleven columns of file data in one or two minutes. It can also scan entire networks at the same speed.

Xfile is part of Rixstep's Apple Core Project (ACP), a research project exploring how to optimise application development on Mac OS X.

A trial version of the bundle is available.