Apple MacBook's are the preferred laptops of choice for students, replacing rivals Dell, Toshiba, Sony and HP, according to new research.

New Jersey-based research company Student Monitor found 95 per cent of college students interviewed this spring owned at least one computer, with 83 per cent owning a laptop, 24 per cent a desktop, and 15 per cent both.

Student Monitor discovered that among laptop owners, 27 per cent owned MacBooks, while among desktop owners  45 per cent owned a Dell or HP, and 14 per cent a Mac.

Among those who planned to purchase a new computer, 87 per cent planned to buy a laptop, while among those students 47 per cent planned to buy a Mac.

Student Monitor interviews 1,200 students for 55 minutes each at 100 representative campuses twice a year and sells the results to Fortune 500 companies reports CNN.

Additionally, Global Equities Research's Trip Chowdhry reported in a bulletpoint for investors that 70 per cent of incoming University students are coming with Macs, which is up 10 per cent - 15 per cent year-on-year. Chowdhry warned Microsoft, whose share dropped nearly 2.5 per cent, was falling out of fashion. "Our research is indicating that Microsoft is unable to connect with the new generation of users," Chowdhry wrote.

MacBook Family

In May, Apple updated the white entry level MacBook, mostly closely associated with students, with faster 2.4GHz processor, and NVIDIA GeForce 320m graphics processor. Apple claimed that the new MacBook provided 80 per cent faster performance, largely due to the the improved graphics NVIDIA GeForce 320m graphics processor.

As well as offering faster performance, the NVIDIA 320m was mooted as 40 per cent more efficient than the 9400m chip it replaced. Apple claimed a fairly hefty 10 hours of wireless productivity from the new MacBook, while announcing a price increase from £819 to £849.