A new survey suggests Google Android smartphone rather envy and admire Apple iconic iPhone.

The survey by mobile comparison website MyPhoneDeals.co.uk found that Android owners were four times more likely to covet an iPhone than vice versa.

Almost a third of Android owners admitted to longing after an iPhone, whilst just seven per cent of iPhone users stated they’d prefer an Android model.
The survey also revealed that more than half of men who didn't own a smartphone would opt for an iPhone as their first model. Less than a fifth of non-smartphone users planned on purchasing an Android.
Android-based smartphones may not have the same public recognition as the iPhone, the MyPhoneDeals.co.uk survey suggests, with only 16 per cent of respondents stating they'd most like to own one.

Samsung Galaxy S
Microsoft's move into smartphones has yet to make an impact with those surveyed. Just 3 per cent of respondents declaring the recently launched Windows Phone 7 their most desired model.

Apple's iPhone proved popular with women, with nearly three quarters of those surveyed stating it was the most desirable smartphone model.

iPhone owners were revealed as the most dependant on their phone with more than two thirds stating they couldn’t manage without their smartphone compared to just 29 per cent of Android users.

MyPhoneDeals.co.uk surveyed sampled 524 respondents. 

MyPhoneDeals.co.uk aims to help take the headache out of finding a new mobile phone by showing all the best deals in the UK in one place.

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