More than two in five (41 per cent) Apple iPad owners use the device as their preferred way to read books, according to Cooper Murphy Webb, while some 36 per cent of those users with iPads still prefer printed books.

The survey by the copywriting specialists, found Apple’s iPad is the preferred method of reading newspapers and magazines among consumers already owning the device. The poll also found that a plurality of iPad owners prefer the device for reading books and gaming.

Cooper Murphy Webb said more than two in five (43 per cent) use their iPad for ten hours or more, although just five per cent 'always' leave home with the device. The majority of iPad owners use the device inside their house only.

Apple iPad

However, only a quarter said their iPad was their primary entertainment device compared to a third who claimed their laptop was the device most used for entertainment.

The iPad also came second to laptops for surfing the web. Over half (55 pe rcent) said they preferred to use a laptop compared to 38 per cent that plump for the iPad.

Nearly two in five (37 per cent) use the iPad for gaming compared to 22 per cent that use desktops or laptops and six per cent that use mobile phones. Apple's iPad beat out traditional games consoles, with 35 per cent.

1034 UK iPad owners were questioned via a research-administered telephone poll between July 28 2010 to August 10 2010.

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