A new US survey commissioned by FileMaker shows college students are having problems with workload and organisational skills, problems that affect their grades.

The survey was conducted by Greenfield Online. It found nearly half of college students (47 per cent) felt their high school did not prepare them with the organisational skills they need to achieve good results at college. 54 per cent felt they would get better grades if they "got organised and stayed organised".

The survey also revealed 48 per cent of students feel that partying "affects their grades".

David Conley, Ph.D., professor of education in the College of Education at the University of Oregon said: "Students need both academic skills and organisational skills to manage the many competing interests that college life offers. While critical thinking and comprehension skills are essential for any college course, it's also important that students have the ability to effectively manage their time."

The survey also found that 48.4 per cent of US students don't feel they have enough hours in the day to do their course work, and that 88 per cent of students want to improve their time management skills. 66 per cent of students now exchange course-related information by email.

Earlier this autumn, FileMaker US introduced The FileMaker Campus Productivity Kit an all-in-one ready-to-use database solution for Mac and Windows that helps students to manage contacts; organise and search research and lecture notes; track assignments and projects; and manage and coordinate events.

The nationwide survey of 221 fulltime college students was conducted in October 2006 by Greenfield Online.