Apple's stock price slipped yesterday after partner AT&T revealed that it had activated only 146,000 iPhones in the first two days the device was for sale.

Apple's share price took a hammering in response, falling $8.81 to $134.89, down 6.13 per cent at close of trade.

In its second fiscal quarter, which ended 30 June, AT&T said it had activated 146,000 iPhones. The Apple smart phone went on sale Friday, 29 June.

That number differs dramatically from estimates posted by financial analysts the week after the iPhone debut. Piper Jaffray & Co. analyst Gene Munster, for example, pegged sales at 500,000 units during the opening three-day weekend, more than triple what AT&T said had been activated. Other analysts have more recently said that Apple probably sold 450,000 to 500,000 iPhones in the quarter that ended 30 June.

AT&T characterized sales of the iPhone as "robust" and said that store traffic remained at historically high levels into July. More than 40 per cent of the first wave of iPhones were sold to new AT&T subscribers, the company added.

Although some iPhone buyers reported major delays in activating their new phones over the debut weekend, most were able to switch on almost immediately. Still, some analysts continued to speculate that the activation muck-up could explain the difference between the number AT&T reported and the more-optimistic sales estimates.

"While some have suggested disappointment with the iPhone number, we note that there were significant activation problems for the first couple of days postlaunch, which may have held the number down artificially through quarter-end," Christopher King, an analyst at Stifel Nicolaus & Co., told Tuesday.

Apple will release its third-quarter earnings report on Wednesday at 5pm Eastern time (10pm UK time), and will presumably spell out its own iPhone sales figures at that time.