Smartphone developer and creative studio ustwo™ has teamed with a 16-year old GCSE student to develop a new iPhone app called Terry Touch™

Jack McLean, a work experience placement, developed Terry Touch™ in just two weeks. "We think it's pretty impressive," said Creative Director Mills. "He's just done his GSCEs and he emailed us asking if he could work with us over the school holidays.  We took him under our wing and within 2 weeks he had developed Terry Touch™. By the way, he got 4 A* so he has brains!"

"We constantly want to innovate and experiment with our publishing’s and Terry Touch™ showcases our willingness to be at the forefront of this experimentation," adds Mills. "It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any kid of Jack’s age to be given the chance to do commercial work during a placement, and Jack has gone above and beyond our expectations with his phenomenal dedication to Terry Touch™."

Jack first impressed ustwo™ back in November 2008 by creating his own successful iPhone app, then aged just 14. The free ‘Countdown to Christmas’ app has since been downloaded 125,286, and used mobile advertising to rake in enough profit for Jack to buy a Apple MacBook Pro. The success led to Jack teaming with ustwo™ for Terry Touch™

GCSE student works with app development studio to launch iPhone app

"It was the best 2 weeks I have had! Working alongside fantastic developers and designers was like a dream," says Jack.  

"I learnt more from creating Terry Touch™ than I would have learnt from 3 months in a computing lesson, and it was fun! It’s so exciting to be involved with an inspiring company and work with them throughout the creation and release of an iPhone application."

According to the Terry Touch™ blurb: "Using just your brain and finger coordination – nothing more nothing less - compete with your friends and family and see who’s best at mastering the 4 simple games available. The Tap, The Swipe, The Glide and The Spin. Terry Touch will help you along the way and he’ll let you know how you’re doing! Don’t let yourself or Terry Touch down. You gotta be the best for Terry Touch to respect your finger tapping skills."

Available from the Apple iTunes App Store, Terry Touch™ for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is currently free and requires the iOS 3.1 Software Update or later.

GCSE student works with app development studio to launch iPhone app