The world's first consumer network for iPhone owners opens up on 5 June.

EpicApps is currently recruiting members for the service, which is designed as an international consumer network for iPhone users, though what that means remains to be clearly defined.

Some commentators believe TheBlackApp service will offer a tiered discount scheme on products from leading brand manufacturers with the quality and selection of offers depending on the exclusivity level of your membership.

Three different levels of membership include black, gold, and silver. Each one is ready to accept a limited number of member, 25,000 to the Black App tier; 50,000 to the Gold App membership and 100,000 Silver App members. The company is accepting pre-registrations to its member's only service now.

While the company founders are playing their cards close to their chest, they have confirmed this isn't an iPhone-specific social network, a la Facebook. They also claim the service will work in online transactions and brick-&-mortar retail stores.

There could be some synchronicity to news of TheBlackApp service, given a report last week that Procter & Gamble, The Clorox Co., Del Monte, Kimberly-Clark, and General Mills are working on a new scheme with a leading US retailer under which grocery coupons can be accessed and exchanged using a mobile phone.