ThinkGeek, billed as a premier retailer for the global geek community, has announced the availability of its Star Trek Pizza Cutter, aimed at pizza connoisseurs and Star Trek fans alike.

Modeled after the original U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, the most celebrated Federation Starfleet vessel, the pizza cutter features an all-metal construction.  A sharp 4-inch diameter steel blade replicates the ships saucer and the 4.5-inch handle promises to mimic the warp nacelles and generators.  

"After years of staring at the iconic shape of the Star Trek Enterprise we finally realised in one 'aha!' moment what the saucer section of the ship was best used for... cutting pizza," said ThinkGeek's Ty Liotta.  

"After a bit of ergonomic adjustment we ended up with the best pizza wheel on this side of the galaxy."

Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Available from, the Star Trek Pizza Cutter costs $24.99, around £15 plus delivery costs.

ThinkGeek notes, the Star Trek Pizza Cutter is not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed only. The Star Trek Pizza Cutter is an officially licensed product of CBS Consumer Products.