A music show with a difference is available now through iTunes, featuring exclusive live performances from Thom Yorke and The White Stripes.

The show is exclusively available online and features video and audio footage of its featured artists playing in an intimate environment. It's an experiment in TV without a TV station, featuring internationally renowned artists.

As a case in point, a piano-playing Thom Yorke appears on the show, 'From The Basement', performing songs ('Videotape' and 'Down Is The New Up') from the new Radiohead album. An improvised collaboration between Four Tet's Kieran Hebden and genius drummer Steve Reid also features, as does a performance by The White Stripes.

Thom Yorke said: "From The Basement was exciting because it came from the desire to cut out the crap that lies between the music and the viewer. To get plugged straight into the mains, no producer director egos messing it up. The highlight for me was listening to Kieren and Steve Reid jamming as the tape started rolling."

From The Basement is an independently produced music series that aims to feature intimate live performances from the finest musicians. It's available online only, from the iTunes Store and also from 7 Digital (for Windows Media users). It costs £9.45 (though individual segments are available for £1.89 each).

The 25-minute debut show was filmed in HD at recording studios at Maida Vale, London, with live sound produced by Nigel Godrich. The second show will be available for download in February 2007.