iPods seem as ubiquitous in outer space as they are in the high street today, with news that the Space Shuttle Atlantis has at least one on board.

NASA has released the latest images captured aboard the Space Shuttle, and these clearly show an iPod stuck to the cabin wall.

The image shows Astronaut Clayton Anderson working with stowage bags on the middeck. The Shuttle is en route to the International Space Station.

It's not the first iPod in space. Apple's media player has been for a ride on the International Space Station before, and one was spotted in a December-published image of life inside the Space Shuttle Discovery.

There may be more iPod life out there - according to NASA, Discovery had six iPods aboard for use by astronauts.

In September 2006, space tourist Anousheh Ansari also took a trip to the International Space Station, naturally she took an iPod along for the voyage.

It's an iPod space chase - in April, the European Space Agency announced plans to send an iPod up to the International Space Station in an unmanned space craft. The contents of that iPod will be decided by a public vote among Europe's under-18-year olds.