Mobile phone operator Three has announced a new pay per day mobile broadband top-up deal for £2, which the company insists is ideal for Apple iPad users.

Customers can now buy a day’s Internet access without the need to commit to a monthly top-up, explains Three.

"Three's Pay Per Day deal is the ideal proposition for business travellers, iPad owners and students who have a fixed broadband connection at home but also want the flexibility of being able to snack on mobile broadband whilst away from their home," said Three’s Director of Mobile Broadband, Joe Parker, announcing the deal.

£2 gets users up to 500 MB of data downloads, which customers can either purchase directly online - no credit needed to access My3 for topping-up - or use a Top-up voucher purchased in store.

"If paying using a Top-up voucher any unused credit will stay on the customer's account. A £10 voucher for example will buy five Pay Per Day Top-ups whenever the customer needs them," Three notes.

Apple iPad

"For those that already have an active Top-up on their account, their Pay Per Day Top-up will kick in when their existing Top-up expires or is fully used."

Three is one of several companies offering 3G pricing plans for Apple iPad users. A lsit of Three iPad data plans can be found here.

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