Apple will open up application sales and ship the final iPhone SDK and applications - but not until late June.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs tonight confirmed the news, meaning users will have to wait before the promised rich harvest of iPhone applications appears.

The company will introduce iPhone Software Update 2.0 in late June, Apple CEO Steve Jobs explained, the software will offer support for use and acquisition of third party applications, along with the enterprise features the company revealed tonight.

"In just a few months, every iPhone user will have everything you saw today, as a free update. Now there's one other part to this. It's not just the iPhone. It's the iPod Touch. The same software release is going to run on the iPod Touch. Now, we account the iPod touch a little bit different, so there will be a nominal charge for that update, but otherwise it will be exactly the same as the iPhone."

iPhone developers can get stuck in immediately, with the company today releasing the iPhone SDK to developers, eager to begin building next-generation mobile applications.

"We think a lot of people are going to want to become an iPhone developer. It's really easy. Go to our website and download our SDK for free. Run the Simulator on your Mac. You can join the iPhone Developer Program if you want to run the app on an iPhone or iPod Touch, and distribute your app. To join the developer program costs $99."

Needless to say, the iPhone Developer pages on Apple's website are currently creaking under the weight of traffic.

Industry watchers note that June currently appears the most likely launch point for another v.2.0 product, with rumours suggesting Apple will introduce the next-generation 3G-capable iPhone that month.

If our intuition is correct, iPhone 2.0 users will be able to browse and buy applications using the device from wherever they happen to be, using WiFi or 3G,