Network operator Three has released its iPhone 4S pricing, following announcements by Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile.

16GB models will only be available in Three stores, but you can get a 24-month £43 per month deal with no upfront cost offering 900 minutes, 5000 texts and 1GB of data.

If you're looking for a lower monthly cost, you can pick up a 24-month, £30 per month deal but you'll have to pay £129 up front and will be limited to 300 minutes, 5000 texts and 500MB data.

The 32GB and 64GB models are available online, except on the £43 per month deal. There are no 32GB or 64GB model deals where the handset comes free, though monthly deals start at £30. All contracts are 24 months.

iPhone 4S pre-orders open in the UK

More details can be found on the Three website.

Vodafone is offering free 16GB models on a 24-month, £46 per month contract. Orange is offering a similar deal, though isn't actually offering pre-orders yet, as is T-Mobile.

You can also pre-order the iPhone 4S SIM-free through Apple, though some customers have experienced problems with the Apple website this morning.

More details on other deals from Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile can be found here.

At the time of writing, only O2 - the network that had exclusivity on the first iPhone in the UK - has not revealed pricing for the iPhone 4S. We have heard unconfirmed reports that it will only be selling the iPhone 4S from its stores, though O2 hasn't officially announced this.